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Top Headlines on WPA Clients from their work at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

DEADLINE – IFC acquires the Nicolas McCarthy directed thriller THE PACT, shot by WPA DP BRIDGER NIELSON.

“the Midnight film that has had several suitors chasing it since its debut. It’s a high-six-figure deal for a 10-market theatrical release and a VOD component.”

LA TIMES – An inside look at FOR ELLEN, directed by So Young Kim, featuring amazing production design by WPA’s RYAN SMITH

DEADLINE – Sony Pictures WW Acquisitions and Samuel Goldwyn buy the Sundance hit, ROBOT AND FRANK, shot by WPA DP MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC

VARIETY – ┬áReview of Park Pictures’ ROBOT & FRANK, directed by Jake Schreier.
WPA DP MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC “finds just the right palette to reflect Schreier’s well-wrought mix of pathos and humor”.

DEADLINE – CBS Films closes 7-figure deal with THE WORDS, directed by Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal, with cinematography from WPA Client ANTONIO CALVACHE, ASC

VARIETY – Review of So Young Kim directed FOR ELLEN and production design from WPA’s RYAN SMITH