ASCmag Short Takes: Nicole Whitaker

By October 3, 2018Clients, News

“Waechter and [cinematographer NICOLE WHITAKER] had played extensively with color on their feature, and they were excited to venture further down that road for Escape. ‘It’s a short,’ says Whitaker, ‘so it was easier to create a concrete palette that started in a certain place, with calm neutral tones, and as Meadow becomes more tormented and goes down the rabbit hole of self destruction, the color palette gets stronger. For the fight scene in the bathroom, we made the bathroom pink and the room outside green to show how someone in her situation feels trapped, and how we remember past situations more vibrantly than they actually were in real life. We really pushed a lot of the color, and it worked well to give a sense of different times in Meadow’s life, as well as the intensity of her feelings.'”

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