THE HATE U GIVE: Mihai Mălaimare Jr. Employs Lenses, Color, Format And Camera Movement To Visually Differentiate The Protagonist’s Two Conflicting Worlds.

By November 29, 2018Clients, News

“Central to the theme is Starr’s struggle and eventual resolution of these opposing versions of herself, and one of the first conversations director George Tillman Jr. had with  was about how to visually differentiate between Starr’s two worlds. Their options were plentiful — lenses, color, format, camera movement — and after extensive conversations, [cinematographer MIHAI MALAIMARE JR.] felt it would be best to utilize multiple tools. “Immediately, I thought if you only choose one [method of differentiation, you will inevitably] overdo it. But if you use all the elements, you can be subtle with some of them,” he says. “

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