VARIETY: “Behind Hulu’s Next Big Bet: 9/11 Espionage Drama THE LOOMING TOWER”

By March 1, 2018Clients, News

“The six-month-long production (with TYSON BIDNER as Unit Production Manager) sprawled across three continents and six countries, with five directors cross-boarding the 10 episodes. Pulling it off was a “giant puzzle,” says supervising producer Craig Zisk (who also directed three episodes).”

“Production Designer LESTER COHEN credits Wright’s and Gibney’s deep contacts for opening doors thought impregnable, as well as the resourcefulness of the research team. A set dresser shared photos of his tour in Afghanistan; an art coordinator’s daughter dove into the newspaper archives in Nairobi to help re-create the bombing site of the 1998 embassy attacks. Those telling details drove the design of a massive rubble pile that shut down the central business district in Cape Town for weeks.

“I’m sure there are things we missed, and that was the hardest part,” says Cohen. “The potential to hurt someone is so great that I think everyone involved took a lot of care to try to be truthful and at the same time respectful of the material. It’s rare to get an opportunity, doing what we do, to do that.”

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