ASC Master Class | FUTURE MAN / Eduardo Mayén, Episode #95

By April 29, 2019Clients, News
[Cinematographer Eduardo Mayén] photographed his season of FUTURE MAN with a Panavized Read Weapon Helium in conjunction with Panavision Gand E series 2:1 anamorphic lenses. The filmmakers employed three shooting modes for standard (8K 6:5 at 60 fps, with a 25mm wide angle limit), high-speed (5K at 60-120 fps), and wide-angle photography (7K WS for wider than 25mm). In addition to this, Mayén had to frame for both the 2.35:1 (letterboxed for Hulu) and 1.78:1 (extracted for all other platforms) aspect ratios. “Because of these framing challenges, we used an Artemis Prime viewfinder,” says Mayén. “It kept us honest with all of the field of view and resolution changes. My hat’s off to first AC Jay Levy, who made sure that all of the cameras were filming at the correct resolutions.” 

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