How the American Society of Cinematographers is Dealing With Diversity

By January 30, 2019Clients, News

“Member Larry Fong says, “Although I’ve faced different levels of racism throughout my life, it’s never been enough to stop me from pursuing this career dream of cinematography. Luckily, when you’re behind the camera, it’s not as much of an issue as it is when you’re in front of it, which is an ongoing, real problem. But I’ve found that cinematography and crew positions — if you do a good job, you’ll be hired.

“My sponsor at ASC was Michael Goi [AMERICAN HORROR STORY], who is, of course, Asian American. I can’t help but think of James Wong Howe, who, decades and decades ago, was an Oscar-winning cinematographer [for HUD and THE ROSE TATTOO]. Back then, if you can imagine the racial hurdles — he was still able to become this well-known, almost household name. That’s pretty incredible.”

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