Shia LaBeouf’s Memoir Movie HONEY BOY Is His Most Tender Project Yet

By February 12, 2019Clients, News

“As an act of memoir, the film is fascinating to behold – it feels strikingly personal and intimate, as though you’re seeing the pages of a journal reimagined for the screen. But the pain is never played exploited. With Har’el at the helm [and production design by JC Molina], it feels dream-like and hazy, an aesthetic rendering of memory’s fluidity, while also examining the ways in which trauma can occupy a strange space in our minds. The adult Otis, addressing his therapist, says of his father, “The only thing of any value he gave me was pain, and you want to take it away?” Anyone who’s ever carried a similar wound with them might recognise the way in which it becomes a comfort – something you can cling to, and even weaponise yourself.”

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