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Art of the Cut: FIVE FEET APART with editor Angela M. Catanzaro, ACE

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Editor Angela M. Catanzaro, ACE: “…When you hear that you’re working with a new director, you’re always a little nervous. But it’s been fantastic. I got hooked up with him through Cathy Schulman who was a producer on The Foreigner. We had a great time working on that film, and she’s executive producing this film as well. She called me one day, and I oddly remember that I was in my car on the way to a tax appointment. She told me about the project, and I thought it would be perfect for me because I’ve done a lot of — “touchie-feelie” is the wrong word — but a lot of television that requires an emotional investment.”

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THE HANDMAID’S TALE DP Colin Watkinson On Creating Aesthetic Of Dystopian Hulu Drama

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“Helping to establish an aesthetically singular world with Season 1 of Hulu’s dystopian drama THE HANDMAID’S TALE, cinematographer COLIN WATKINSON received his first Emmy for his efforts, and returned to expand the series’ visual boundaries in Season 2. Watkinson recently sat down at Hulu’s offices for Deadline’s Production Value video series to discuss his craft, and the thinking that went into defining the look of Bruce Miller’s drama based on Margaret Atwood’s novel.”

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