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IndieWire’s 30 Terrifyingly Under-Appreciated Horror Movies: THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER

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“Perfect editing from Brian Ufberg merges JULIE KIRKWOOD’S simple and overcast cinematography with the ominous echoes of shrill coming from the musical score of Elvis Perkins (the director’s brother, both of which are sons of late actor Anthony Perkins).  This creative tone pushes away all gaudiness in favor of stern visuals and straight suspense, qualities that are welcome and greatly appreciated in contrast to its cheap genre knockoff peers that are overly dependent on jump scares.”

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THE SINNER: DP Radium Cheung (H.K.S.C) Shares His Cinematography Story

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[Cinematographer RADIUM CHEUNG, HKSC]…My father was a hobbiest, so growing up, we would often go out to the country and shoot still photographs on the weekends. It was many years ago so we were shooting on film negatives then. Every time you clicked the shutter and made a photo it cost money. So my father taught me to be careful and consider everything when composing each frame. He would give me pointers of classical composition, taught me all about the relations between the aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, focal length and all those fundamentals.

That way of perceiving the world through a camera’s eye, different lenses and focal lengths became second nature to me. I’ve also always had a profound love in cinema. Being moved and taken to another world where you’ve completely forgotten about everything else for that hour and a half was magical and additive. I wanted to be a part of that when I grow up – to tell the kinds of stories that once moved me and to move other people the way I was moved.”

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