DEADPOOL 2 and BLACK PANTHER Celebrated In Collider’s Best Action Movies Of 2018

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On BLACK PANTHER: “Beautifully crafted with outstanding costume design, art direction, and cinematography [and editing by MICHAEL SHAWVER], BLACK PANTHER is a wonder to behold, and you’ll want to return to Wakanda moments after the credits roll.”

On DEADPOOL 2: ” Deadpool 2’s action scenes deliver one hell of a kinetic jolt [thanks to cinematographer JONATHAN SELA] between the dick jokes.”

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IndieWire’s 30 Terrifyingly Under-Appreciated Horror Movies: THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER

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“Perfect editing from Brian Ufberg merges JULIE KIRKWOOD’S simple and overcast cinematography with the ominous echoes of shrill coming from the musical score of Elvis Perkins (the director’s brother, both of which are sons of late actor Anthony Perkins).  This creative tone pushes away all gaudiness in favor of stern visuals and straight suspense, qualities that are welcome and greatly appreciated in contrast to its cheap genre knockoff peers that are overly dependent on jump scares.”

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