Bonded by Friendship & Film: Hiro Murai and Larkin Seiple

By July 9, 2019Clients, News

“What drew me towards filmmaking was the allure of film-craft and the sorcery of lighting,” explains [cinematographer Larkin Seiple]. “When DP’s all shot on film, our input was more coveted in terms of what we had to say and the time you were given to light a scene was taken more into consideration. Now digital has somewhat cheapened that relationship. People see an image and think that they can shoot.” A particular technical innovation could help in making film the medium of choice. “One of the big game changers for film are the new HD video tapes coming out for film cameras; the image looks wonderful on set and will make convincing clients to go along with the process easier because they will have a better idea of what is being recorded.”

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