THE NOVEMBER MAN directed by Roger Donaldson
    Produced by KEVAN VAN THOMPSON with cinematography by ROMAIN LACOURBAS

  • YELLOW in theaters August 29th
    with cinematography by JEFF CUTTER. Directed by Nick Cassavetes


    Miley Cyrus' "WRECKING BALL" directed by TERRY RICHARDSON and
    lensed by JONATHAN SELA wins BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR at this year's VMAs!


    AMERICAN HORROR STORY premieres its 4th season October 8th on FX
    Designed by MARK WORTHINGTON and shot by MICHAEL GOI, ASC


    SOUTHWEST "Rethink Your 737"
    shot by ERIC STEELBERG, ASC, and directed by Dael Oates


    RIO "Gisele" DP NICOLE WHITAKER shoots Gisele,
    the Brazilian Beauty, in anticipation of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio


    IGGY AZALEA "Black Widow"
    with Cinematography by ROB WITT, directed by Director X


    BIRDMAN Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
    Cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI, ASC


    INTRUDERS premiered on BBC America August 23rd
    Edited by JIM COBLENTZ


    COORS "Water"directed by Matt Miadich,
    with Cinematography by SEAN STIEGEMEIER


    SONS OF ANARCHY's Final Season airing this Fall
    with Cinematography by PAUL MAIBAUM, ASC


    SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 premieres September 22nd.
    Produced by DAVID HARTLEY and Edited by SCOTT GAMZON, A.C.E.

  • APPLE "Organizing a Movement" Directed by Chris Wilcha
    Cinematography by ADAM BECKMAN, Designed by BRIAN BRANSTETTER.

  • THE GIVER with Cinematography by ROSS EMERY, ACS
    and Produced by RALPH WINTER, in theaters August 15th


    SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR in theaters August 22nd!
    Produced by MARTY EWING

Client and Agency News


Michael Goi, ASC named Kodak Mentor!

MICHAEL GOI, ASC has been named the Kodak mentor for this year's ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards! Congratulations Michael!

WPA welcomes Production Designer Steve Rudy!

Production Designer, STEVE RUDY joins the Worldwide Production Agency roster!

WPA Clients’ work at the 71st VENICE FILM FESTIVAL!


BIRDMAN directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, with Cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI, ASC will open the festival.

HUNGRY HEARTS directed by Saverio Costanzo, with production design by AMY WILLIAMS


BURYING THE EX directed by Joe Dante, produced by ROBERT SCOTT FORT

NYMPHOMANIAC: Volume II directed by Lars Von Trier, with Visual Effects by PETER HJORTH


YOUR RIGHT MIND directed by Ami Canaan Mann, edited by MAKO KAMITSUNA


TIFF - Special Presentations:

AMERICAN HEIST directed by Sarik Andreasyan, with Cinematography by ANTONIO CALVACHE, ASC will have its World Premiere.

HUNGRY HEARTS directed by Saverio Costanzo, with Production Design by AMY WILLIAMS will have it's International Premiere.

Cinematographer Mauricio Rubinstein joins WPA!

Worldwide Production Agency welcomes Mauricio Rubinstein to the roster!

MTV Video Music Award Nominations for WPA Clients

We'd like to congratulate all of our clients who worked on projects nominated at this year's MTV Video Music Awards!

MILEY CYRUS "Wrecking Ball" for Video of the Year and Best Direction, shot by JONATHAN SELA

DJ SNAKE & LIL JON "Turn Down For What" for MTV Clubland Award, Best Direction and Best Art Direction by JASON KISVARDAY, with cinematography by LARKIN SEIPLE

CHILDISH GAMBINO "3005" for Best Hip-Hop Video, designed by MAX ORGELL

KELLY ROWLAND "Dirty Laundry" for Best Video with a Social Message, shot by ADAM SANTELLI

5 SECONDS OF SUMMER "She Looks So Perfect" for Artist to Watch, designed by ALEX DELGADO

EMMY Nominations for WPA Clients!

We'd like to congratulate all of our clients who were nominated for this year's EMMY AWARDS!


MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC for Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie on FARGO

DANA GONZALES for Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie on FARGO

Production Designer MARK WORTHINGTON for Outstanding Art Direction for a Period Series, Miniseries or A Movie (Single-Camera) on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN

Production Designer RICHARD TOYON for Outstanding Art Direction for a Contemporary Program on SILICON VALLEY


AMY WILLIAMS for Outstanding Scenic Design on A CRIME TO REMEMBER

NICOLE HIRSCH WHITAKER & ADAM BECKMAN for Outstanding Cinematography in Documentary and Long Form on GIRL RISING

Cinematographer Lol Crawley, BSC joins WPA!

Worldwide Production Agency welcomes LOL CRAWLEY, BSC to the roster!
view all Agency News


  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO shoots TRI-BRANDS with Olivier Gondry at A White Label Product, and books CHICK-FIL-A with John O’Hagan at RSA Films
  • SHANE HURLBUT, ASC shoots COORS with Ahmet Ahmet at Brand New School
  • ROSS EMERY, ACS books GILLETTE with Bruce Hunt at Chelsea Pictures
  • JOAQUIN GREY designs KIA for Malcolm Venville at Anonymous Content
  • ELI BORN shoots ROLEX with André Stringer at Reset
  • LEX DUPONT, ASC shoots NIGHT SHIFT (Season 2) at NBC
  • LARKIN SEIPLE shoots WWE with Hugo Stenson at Caviar
  • KAMAL DERKAOUI, CSC to shoot RABID DOGS for Transfilm International
  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC books AT&T with Hank Perlman at Hungryman
  • CHRISTOPHE LANZENBERG shoots VONAGE with Brian Billow at Anonymous Content
  • SCOTT WINIG to shoot DIRECTOR’S CUT for director Adam Rifkin.
  • PETER ZUMBA designs INFINITI for James Gray at HSI Productions
  • ALEX DELGADO designs 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER “Good Girls” music video for Isaac Rentz at More Media
  • JOE DESALVO books DC LOTTERY with Stan Schofield at Weaselworks
  • JEFF CUTTER shoots ZAXBY’S with John Grammatico at Company Films
  • ALEX DISENHOF shoots SPORT CHEK with David Tindale at Jimmy Lee
  • JONATHAN SELA to shoot CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Pilot) with Marc Webb at Showtime/CBS Paramount
  • MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC to shoot DAREDEVIL for Marvel Studios and Netflix
  • PETER HOLLAND, ACS to shoot 2nd Unit on CRIMINAL for Ariel Vromen and Millennium Films
  • MARK BENSON designs ALIVE for Bobby Farrelly at Rabbit Content
  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots NFL with Douglas Avery at Furlined
  • OTTAR GUDNASON, IKS shoots FORD with Rob Cohen at Assembly Films
  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO shoots TIDE with Jonathan Zames at Caviar and books NINTENDO with David Kellogg at Anonymous Content
  • DYLAN KAHN designs NISSAN for Martin Werner at Reset
  • RICHARD LASSALLE designs TARGET for Diane Martel at Rabbit Content
  • RANDY ARNOLD shoots ACER TV at Bark Bark
  • GAVIN KELLY to shoot CABIN FEVER for Travis Zariwny
  • ELI BORN shoots TINASHE + A$AP “Pretend” music video with Jodeb at Vision Film Co.
  • BRIAN BRANSTETTER designs AARP for Ray Dillman at Wondros
  • BJORN CHARPENTIER shoots IKEA with Manu Coeman at Lovo Films
  • JOE DESALVO shoots BRAVO promo with Helen Downing at Bark Bark
  • KATHRIN EDER designs AUSSIE for Graydon Sheppard at Burbank Gamma Ray
  • ALAN CANANT to edit SONGS MY BROTHER TAUGHT ME for Chloe Zhao and Significant Productions
  • JEFFREY KIM shoots FIDELITY with Paul Stone at Warrior Poet
  • MAXWELL ORGELL designs KANSAS LOTTERY with Jacob Slade at Chirp Films
  • GINGER TOUGAS designs TITLEIST for Greg Kohs at Chelsea Pictures
  • ROB WITT shoots NICOLE SCHERZINGER “On The Rocks” music video with Tim Mattia at Big Disco
  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO books KAY JEWELERS with Ray Dillman at Wondros
  • LARKIN SEIPLE books BEAGLE INSURANCE with David Wilson at Blink Productions
  • GLYNN SPEECKAERT, SBC shoots SOUTHWEST AIRLINES with Raf Wathion at Skunk
  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots EXPEDIA with Brent Harris at Skunk
  • SID SIDELL to shoot EMPIRE (Season 1) for FOX/20th Century Fox TV
  • RHET BEAR shoots THE BLACKLIST & THE VOICE Promos back-to-back with Kendall Bowlin at Moving Parts
  • TIRSA HACKSAW, A.C.E. to edit HOUSE OF LIES (Season 4) for Showtime/Cinema Vehicle Services and creator Matthew Carnahan
  • ROSS EMERY, ACS shoots ASSASSIN’S CREED with Neil Huxley at Digital Domain
  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS shoots DODGE with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks
  • ROBERT WEST to produce SCREAM (Pilot) for the Weinstein Company/MTV Networks and director Jamie Travis
  • RICHARD LASSALLE designs TOYOTA for Reynald Gresset at Caviar
  • ANDREW COHEN, ACE to edit STATE OF AFFAIRS Season 1 for NBC and creator Joe Carnahan
  • RICHARD TOYON to design AMERICAN CRIME Season 1 for ABC and creator John Ridley
  • CHRISTIAN KINNARD edits THE COMEDIANS Season 1 for FX Network and creator Larry Charles
  • JONATHAN CARLSON to design JUSTIFIED (Season 6) for FX Productions/FX Network
  • DANA GONZALES to shoot CRIMINAL for Ariel Vromen and Millennium Films
  • DEVON GREENE to edit THINGS YOU DON’T SAY AFTER MIDNIGHT Season 1 for DirecTV and Momentum TV
  • JONATHAN BROWN shoots and ELENA MAGANINI edits MADAM SECRETARY Pilot and Season 1 for CBS
  • MAKO KAMITSUNA to edit CYBER for Universal Pictures and director Michael Mann
  • MICHAEL MALONE to produce THE NICE GUYS for Silver Pictures and director Shane Black
  • ROSS FANGER produces ALL SUMMER LONG (aka UNTITLED BEACH BOYS PROJECT) for Fox 2000 Pictures and director Michael Sucsy
  • ROB WITT shoots THE VAMPS with Emil Nava at London Alley
  • GLYNN SPEECKAERT, SBC to shoot MARGUERITE for Fidélité Films

Upcoming Releases


NOVEMBER MAN directed by Roger Donaldson and produced by KEVAN VAN THOMPSON with cinematography by ROMAIN LACOURBAS in theaters August 29, 2014

YELLOW directed by Nick Cassavetes with cinematography by JEFF CUTTER in theaters August 29, 2014

JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD directed by Carter Smith with production design by AMY WILLIAMS in theaters August 29, 2014

LAST WEEKEND directed by Tom Dolby & Tom Williams with production design by AMY WILLIAMS in theaters August 29, 2014

SONS OF ANARCHY with cinematography by PAUL MAIBAUM, ASC premieres its final season September 9th on FX

AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR directed by Nicholas McCarthy with cinematography by BRIDGER NIELSON in theaters September 12, 2014

MODERN FAMILY with cinematography by JAMES BAGDONAS, ASC premieres September 24th on ABC

BLACK-ISH with cinematography by ANTHONY HARDWICK premieres September 24th on ABC

FIELD OF LOST SHOES directed by Sean McNamara with cinematography by BRAD SHIELD, ACS in theaters September 2014

RUDDERLESS directed by William H. Macy with production design by CHRIS STULL in theaters October 17th 2014

JOHN WICK directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski and cinematography by JONATHAN SELA in theaters October 24th 2014

SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and produced by MARTY EWING in theaters now!

LOVE IS STRANGE directed by Ira Sachs with production design by AMY WILLIAMS in theaters!


INTO THE STORM directed by Steven Quale with cinematography by BRIAN PEARSON, ASC in theaters

STEP UP: ALL IN (3D) directed by Trish Sie with cinematography by BRIAN PEARSON, ASC in theaters

HERCULES directed by Brett Ratner and produced by ROSS FANGER in theaters

I, ORIGINS directed by Mike Cahill with cinematography by MARKUS FORDERER, BVK in theaters

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES directed by Matt Reeves with cinematography by MICHAEL SERESIN, BSC in theaters!

THE GIVER directed by Phillip Noyce with cinematography by ROSS EMERY, ACS in theaters