JOHN WICK in theaters October 24th
    Directed by Chad Stahelski and lensed by JONATHAN SELA


    LEE "Move Your Lee" directed by Arnaud Uyttenhove
    with cinematography by DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS


    RENAULT "Espace" directed by Stephane Leloutre
    with cinematography by OTTAR GUDNASON, IKS


    JANE THE VIRGIN airs Monday nights on the CW


    FIDELITY "Promise" directed by Paul Stone
    Cinematography by JEFFREY KIM

  • THE 100 premieres its second season Oct. 22nd on the CW
    designed by JAMES PHILPOTT and edited by HUNTER VIA, A.C.E


    NIKE "PlayPinoy" directed by Tino + Jones
    with Cinematography by BJORN CHARPENTIER


    A MERRY FRIGGIN CHRISTMAS starring Robin Williams


    BIRDMAN Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
    Cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI, ASC in theaters Oct. 17th!


    MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN directed by Jason Reitman
    with Cinematography by ERIC STEELBERG, ASC in theaters Oct. 17th!

Client and Agency News



We are pleased to announce the following films have been selected to compete at this year's Camerimage Festival, lensed by WPA clients ALEX DISENHOF, BEN NOTT, ACS, CHARLIE LIBIN, and THOMAS HARDMEIER, AFC.


Congratulations LARKIN SEIPLE and BJORN CHARPENTIER on being nominated in this year's Camerimage Music Video Competition. Watch the full videos HERE.

AMY WILLIAMS wins EMMY for Scenic Design

Congratulations to AMY WILLIAMS for winning an EMMY for Scenic Design on Investigation Discovery's A CRIME TO REMEMBER!


Be sure to check out this week's podcast from THE WANDERING DP which takes an in depth look at the life, work, and style of BJORN CHARPENTIER.  Listen HERE

SHANE HURLBUT, ASC’S Philosophy on Success featured on FSTOPPERS

FSTOPPERS takes a look into the several components that make up SHANE HURLBUT, ASC'S Philosophy on Success, including "finding your passion" and "adding value." Find out more HERE

Michael Goi, ASC named Kodak Mentor!

MICHAEL GOI, ASC has been named the Kodak mentor for this year's ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards! Congratulations Michael!

Cinematographers MENNO MANS and ANTONIO RIESTRA join WPA!

WPA welcomes cinematographers MENNO MANS and ANTONIO RIESTRA to the family!

Producer STEVEN YELL joins WPA!

Worldwide Production Agency welcomes STEVEN YELL to the roster!
view all Agency News


  • ADAM BECKMAN books SEARS with Bryan Buckley at Hungryman
  • MARK BENSON wraps WELLMARK for Tim Abshire at Rabbit Content
  • BRIAN BRANSTETTER designs INTEL for Alison Maclean at Park Pictures
  • RALPH WINTER wraps CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON for Woo-ping Yuen and The Weinstein Company.
  • BJORN CHARPENTIER shoots POLIDENT with Norman Bates at Stink
  • LOL CRAWLEY, BSC shoots MUFG with Tom Haines at Cap Gun Collective
  • ALEX DISENHOF shoots FIREFOX with Sorrel Brae at Humble
  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS wraps REEBOK with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks, and shoots ALEVE with Misko Iho at Interrogate
  • KATHRIN EDER wraps RAY BAN for Cheryl Dunn at Night Call Productions
  • MAX GOLDMAN wraps CRAFTSMAN with Philip Andelman at Identity, and books CAPITAL ONE with Tobias Granström at Acne Production
  • JOAQUIN GREY wraps TARGET for Johan Perjus at B-Reel
  • LEX DUPONT, ASC, shoots NBC series, NIGHT SHIFT
  • OTTAR GUDNASON, IKS shoots NINTENDO with Samuel & Gunnar at Humble, and books FLEXJET with Emil Kahr at Paydirt Pictures
  • DYLAN KAHN designs H&R BLOCK for Martin Werner at Reset
  • JEFFREY KIM books WALL STREET JOURNAL with Alan Bibby at Transistor Hut
  • JASON KISVARDAY books CHARLES SCHWAB for Brent Harris at Skunk
  • MICHAEL KRANTZ designs HONDA for Hank Perlman at Hungryman
  • TOM KRUEGER wraps DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB with Steve Miller at @radical.media
  • CHRISTOPHE LANZENBERG shoots ADIDAS with Amir Farhang at Caviar
  • RICHARD LASSALLE designs TARGET for Diane Martel at Rabbit Content
  • STEVE MOSES shoots CARL’S JR. at Christina Productions
  • JEFF CUTTER shoots VALENCIA for Dan Trachtenberg and Bad Robot
  • ZAK MULLIGAN shoots STARWOOD HOTELS with Jeremy & Judy at Plus, and books FOOT NETWORK PROMO with Tim Abshire at Shooters
  • MAX ORGELL wraps BREACH FT. KELIS music video for Oliver Hadlee Pearch at Good Company
  • FRANKLIN PETERSON begins editing DIRECTV series, FULL CIRCLE (season 2)
  • CHUCK OZEAS wraps LOWE’S PARENTHOOD promo at Moving Parts
  • ADAM RICHARDS wraps GOOSE ISLAND with Xander at Backyard
  • ANTONIO RIESTRA, AMC ACK wraps BEATS with Nabil at Ramble West Productions
  • STEVE RUDY wraps designing EDWARD JONES for Jim Gartner at Gartner
  • ERIC SCHMIDT shoots NEST with Martin Granger at Moxie Pictures, and books COKE with Aaron Ruell at Biscuit Filmworks
  • PAT SCOLA wraps shooting METRONOMY music video with David Wilson at The Directors Bureau
  • JONATHAN SELA shoots DAIRY QUEEN with Scott Vincent at Hungryman
  • SAMANTHA KUESTER wraps costume design for DreamWorks TV webseries RICHIE RICH
  • BYRON SHAH wraps DISNEY with David Melvin at Blue Giant
  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC wraps TELE 2 with Tomas Skoging at Acne Production, and shoots VH1 Promo with Alison Maclean at Park Pictures
  • SEAN STIEGEMEIER shoots PRUDENTIAL with Jacob Rosenberg at Bandito Brothers, and books PITTSBURGH PAINTS with Bryce Wymer at Detour Films
  • NICOLE WHITAKER wraps GERBER with Rachel Harms at Hero Content
  • ED MARXS books WORRY DOLLS for Padraig Reynolds
  • LOUCAS GEORGE begins line producing FOX series EMPIRE
  • BRAD SHIELD, ACS preps SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE: 2 for Charles Leslie and Jeff Most Productions and MGM
  • MARTY EWING executive produces THE ACCOUNTANT for Gavin O’Conner and Warner Brothers

Upcoming Releases


JOHN WICK directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski with cinematography by JONATHAN SELA in theaters October 24th

A MERRY FRIGGIN’ CHRISTMAS directed by Tristram Shapeero with cinematography by GIOVANI LAMPASSI and edited by CHRISTIAN KINNARD in theaters November 7th

THE BETTER ANGELS directed by A.J. Edwards with cinematography by MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC in theaters November 7th

PREDESTINATION directed by The Spierig Brothers with cinematography by BEN NOTT, ACS in theaters January 9th

BLACKHAT directed by Michael Mann and edited by MAKO KAMITSUNA in theaters January 16th

TOMORROWLAND directed by Brad Bird with second unit cinematography by BRUCE MCCLEERY in theaters May 22nd

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW shot by MICHAEL GOI, ASC and designed by MARK WORTHINGTON airs Wednesday nights at 10PM

MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN directed by Jason Reitman with cinematography by ERIC STEELBERG, ASC in theaters now!

BIRDMAN directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu with cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI, ASC in theaters now!

RUDDERLESS directed by William H. Macy with production design by CHRIS STULL in theaters now!