BMW "X4" directed by Knut Burghdorf
    With cinematography by OTTAR GUDNASON, IKS


    BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Season 2 premieres September 28th
    Cinematography by GIOVANI LAMPASSI


    BIRDMAN Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
    Cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI, ASC

  • ZILLOW "What If" directed by Omri Cohen
    Cinematography by ADAM RICHARDS


    MILOW - "We Must Be Crazy" directed by Norman Bates
    with cinematography by BJORN CHARPENTIER

  • FISHING WITHOUT NETS directed by Cutter Hodierne
    with cinematography by ALEX DISENHOF

  • NISSAN "Evil Gas" directed by Zach Math
    with Cinematography by SIMON DUGGAN, ACS


    MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN directed by Jason Reitman
    with Cinematography by ERIC STEELBERG, ASC


    debuts its fourth season September 28th on ABC


    DJ SNAKE ft. Lil Jon - "Turn Down For What"
    Shot by LARKIN SEIPLE and designed by JASON KISVARDAY


    RUDDERLESS directed by William H. Macy,
    with production design by CHRIS STULL


    AMERICAN HORROR STORY premieres its 4th season October 8th on FX
    Designed by MARK WORTHINGTON and shot by MICHAEL GOI, ASC


    JOHN WICK in theaters October 24th
    Directed by Chad Stahelski and lensed by JONATHAN SELA


    WASTE LAND directed by Pieter Van Hees
    with cinematography by MENNO MANS


    FIELD OF LOST SHOES in theaters September 26th
    Directed by Sean McNamara with Cinematography by BRAD SHIELD, ACS

Client and Agency News



Be sure to check out this week's podcast from THE WANDERING DP which takes an in depth look at the life, work, and style of BJORN CHARPENTIER.  Listen HERE

SHANE HURLBUT, ASC’S Philosophy on Success featured on FSTOPPERS

FSTOPPERS takes a look into the several components that make up SHANE HURLBUT, ASC'S Philosophy on Success, including "finding your passion" and "adding value." Find out more HERE

Michael Goi, ASC named Kodak Mentor!

MICHAEL GOI, ASC has been named the Kodak mentor for this year's ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards! Congratulations Michael!

Cinematographers MENNO MANS and ANTONIO RIESTRA join WPA!

WPA welcomes cinematographers MENNO MANS and ANTONIO RIESTRA to the family!

Producer STEVEN YELL joins WPA!

Worldwide Production Agency welcomes STEVEN YELL to the roster!

American Cinematograpaher profiles Markus Forderer’s work on I Origins

Be sure to check out September's edition of American Cinematographer featuring an in-depth look at MARKUS FORDERER'S work on I Origins. Read the article HERE

ARRI interviews MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC on lighting FARGO

ARRI did a great interview with MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC on his experience using ARRI's M-Series and X Light fixtures to shoot the opening episodes of the hit FX series, FARGO. Read the full article here.


TIFF - Special Presentations:

WASTE LAND directed by Pieter Van Hees, with Cinematography by MENNO MANS will have its World Premiere.

AMERICAN HEIST directed by Sarik Andreasyan, with Cinematography by ANTONIO CALVACHE, ASC will have its World Premiere.

HUNGRY HEARTS directed by Saverio Costanzo, with Production Design by AMY WILLIAMS will have it's International Premiere.

MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN directed by Jason Reitman, with Cinematography by ERIC STEELBERG, ASC will have its World Premiere.

view all Agency News


  • ANGUS HUDSON books NIKE at The Mill
  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC books TELE 2 with Tomas Skoging at Acne Production
  • BEN NOTT, ACS shoots M&S with Stuart Rideout at RSA Films UK
  • TOM KRUEGER shoots DSC with Steve Miller at @radical.media
  • MAX GOLDMAN books TIME WARNER with Jeff Tomsic at Go Film
  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS books REEBOK with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks
  • ELI BORN shoots and directs POWERADE at Ways & Means
  • ZAK MULLIGAN books 7UP with Tucker Walsh at M ss ng P eces
  • JOSH SALZMAN shoots AMEX with Paul Bozymowski at @radical.media
  • BYRON SHAH shoots DISNEY with David Melvin at Blue Giant
  • ROMAN JAKOBI shoots THICKE PSA with Only Child at The Joinery
  • BUZZ FEITSHANS to shoot COMMUNITY (Season 6)
  • PETE ZUMBA designs THE BLUNDERER for Andy Goddard at Killer Films
  • LARKIN SEIPLE shoots LINCOLN and SONOS back-to-back with Hiro Murai at Ninja
  • PAT SCOLA shoots CHARLIE WINSTON “Lately” music video with Ellis Bahl at Vision Film Co.
  • ROBERT WEST books IDIOTSITTER (Series) for Jeff Tomsic on Comedy Central
  • CYNTHIA SUMMERS costume designs PROOF (Series) for Alex Graves on TNT
  • LARKIN SIEPLE is booked on BLEED FOR THIS for Ben Younger at Verdi Productions
  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots SPRITE with Jacob Rosenberg at Bandito Brothers
  • AMY WILLIAMS designs NY LOTTERY for Jun Diaz at Smuggler
  • ZAK MULLIGAN shoots VISA with Julian King at Public Record
  • CHRISTOPHE LANZENBERG shoots SPRINT with Luciano Quilici at Milagro Films
  • JOAQUIN GREY designs TARGET for Johan Perjus at B-Reel
  • JEFFREY KIM shoots MADISON SQUARE GARDEN with Anne Minkkinen at Loyalkaspar
  • MOLLY FLANEGIN designs CDW for Joe Pytka at Pytka
  • JEFF CUTTER books VALENCIA for BAD ROBOT/PARAMOUNT and Dan Trachtenberg
  • CHRISTOPHER BAFFA, ASC shoots BMW with Jason Baffa at Farm League
  • CHUCK OZEAS shoots NIKE with Neal Brennan at Go Film
  • BRIAN PEARSON to shoot LIFE ON THE LINE for director David Hackl
  • BRIAN BRANSTETTER designs DODGE RAM for Chris Malloy at Farm League
  • BJORN CHARPENTIER books POLIDENT with Norman Bates at Stink
  • NEAL AHERN produces CONSTANTINE (Season 1) with executive producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer on NBC
  • LOL CRAWLEY, BSC books MUFG with Tom Haines at Cap Gun Collective
  • ALEX DELGADO booked on ONE SHOT for director Issac Rentz
  • JONATHAN SELA to shoot CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Pilot) with Marc Webb at Showtime/CBS Paramount
  • RICHARD TOYON to design SILICON VALLEY (Season 2) on HBO, created by Mike Judge
  • TIRSA HACKSAW, A.C.E. to edit HOUSE OF LIES (Season 4) for Showtime/Cinema Vehicle Services and creator Matthew Carnahan

Upcoming Releases


FIELD OF LOST SHOES directed by Sean McNamara with cinematography by BRAD SHIELD, ACS in theaters now!

CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION premieres its 15th season on CBS September 28th – shot by CRESCENZO NOTARILE, ASC and CHRISTIAN SEBALDT, ASC, produced by STEVEN FELDER, and designed by DANIEL NOVOTNY

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE debuts its second season September 28th on FOX with cinematography by GIOVANI LAMPASSI

REVENGE with cinematography by CYNTHIA PUSHECK, ASC premieres its fourth season on ABC September 28th

SELFIE has its season premiere September 30th on ABC, produced by HENRY LANGE

A TO Z shot by JOE KESSLER and edited by JEFF SEIBENICK premieres October 2nd on NBC

MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN directed by Jason Reitman, with cinematography by ERIC STEELBERG, ASC in theaters October 17th

BIRDMAN directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI, ASC in theaters October 17th

RUDDERLESS directed by William H. Macy with production design by CHRIS STULL in theaters October 17th 2014

JOHN WICK directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski and cinematography by JONATHAN SELA in theaters October 24th 2014

THE BETTER ANGELS directed by A.J. Edwards and cinematography by MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC in theaters November 7th

SONS OF ANARCHY with cinematography by PAUL MAIBAUM, ASC premiered its final season on FX

MADAM SECRETARY with cinematography by JONATHAN BROWN, ASC premiered September 21st on CBS

SLEEPY HOLLOW (Season 2) edited by SCOTT GAMZON, A.C.E. and produced by DAVID HARTLEY premiered September 22nd on FOX

MODERN FAMILY with cinematography by JAMES BAGDONAS, ASC premiered September 24th on ABC

BLACK-ISH with cinematography by ANTHONY HARDWICK premiered September 24th on ABC