Will have its USA premiere at the
Toronto International Film Festival

Produced by Carsten Lorenz

Swedish Radio's 90th Anniversary

Cinematography by Pat Scola
Directed by ‪Philippe Tempelman

First trailer for Tony McNamara’s

Cinematography by Christopher Baffa, ASC

In Theaters This Friday

Lensed by Antonio Calvache, ASC, AEC
Directed by Mora Stephens

Steven A. Clark - ''Can't Have''

Shot by Dustin Lane
Directed by Chris Black

First trailer for Gabriele Muccino's

Lensed by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Ministry of Defense

Lensed by Björn Charpentier
Directed by Bram Van Alphen

Rita Ora - ''Body on Me''
Featuring Chris Brown

Lensed by Rob Witt
Directed by Colin Tilley



  • ALEX DELGADO designs FOX SPORTS for Brian Lee Hughes at Skunk

  • SEAN STIEGEMEIER wraps COME & FIND ME and books DISNEY with Rudi Schwab at Humble

  • ADAM BECKMAN shoots GATORADE with Bryan Buckley at Hungryman

  • ROSS EMERY, ACS shoots PSA with MATT DILMORE at Biscuit Filmworks, and books LAYS with BRUCE HUNT at Anorak Film

  • DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS books GOOGLE with Christopher Riggert at Biscuit Filmworks

  • RICHARD LASSALLE designs MINI COOPER with JOACHIM BACK at Anonymous Content

  • ZAK MULLIGAN shoots SAMSUNG with Asif Mian and Andrew Sloat at 1stAveMachine

  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO to shoot NISSAN with Juergen Bollmeyer at Front Porch Productions

  • ERIC SCHMIDT shoots ESPN with AARON STOLLER, and books CHIPOTLE with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks

  • LARKIN SEIPLE wraps SWISS ARMY MAN with Daniels and books SCRIPPS w. Dugan O’Neal and Anti-Smoking PSA with Javier Aguilera

  • Editor IAN KEZSBOM books FLAKED (Season 1), executive produced and starring Will Arnett for Netflix

  • MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC books INSECURE at HBO with Melina Matsoukas 

  • HISHAM ABED shoots GMC with Billy Rainey at Prettybird

  • MATTIAS TROELSTRUP, DFF shoots MASTERCARD with Jared Hess at Community Films

  • ROB WITT shoots HONDA with Jaci Judelson at Tool of North America

  • RUSSELL CARPENTER, ASC to shoot SQUARE with Errol Morris at Moxie Pictures

  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO shoots BUD LIGHT with Kenny Herzog at O-Positive

  • NICOLE HIRSCH WHITAKER books LG at Piuma Motion

  • JONATHAN SELA shoots A$AP ROCKY-DIOR with Dexter Navy and APPLE BEATS with Nabil 

  • DP JOE KESSLER books WRECKED (Season 1) for TBS

  • Producer CHRIS PLOURDE books DICE (Season 1), Fox for Showtime

  • DP COLIN WATKINSON books EMERALD CITY (Season 1), Universal Television for NBC

  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS books HACKSAW RIDGE for Mel Gibson at Lionsgate

  • Editor ANGELA CATANZARO books PARADISE PICTURES (pilot), Universal Cable Productions for USA

  • ALEX DISENHOF books NIKE with AG ROJAS at Park Pictures

  • DP PAULA HUIDOBRO books WILDE WEDDING for Damian Harris

  • DP JOHN LINDLEY, ASC books BASTARDS for Larry Sher at Alcon Entertainment

  • Production designer Kitty Doris-Bates, DP Christopher Faloona, and Producer Kelly Manners confirmed for season two of POWERS for PlayStation!

  • DP ANTONIO RIESTRA, AMC, ACK books UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION for Anna Foerster at Lakeshore Entertainment

  • DP LARRY FONG, ASC books KONG: SKULL ISLAND for Jordan Vogt-Roberts at Legendary Pictures


  • DP MATTHEW LLOYD wraps The Seagull and books John Hancock with Jeff Preiss at Epoch

  • Editor ANDREW COHEN, ACE books the series finale of CSI for CBS

  • DP CHRIS FALOONA books POWERS for Sony Pictures Television for Playstation


  • DP BJORN CHARPENTIER wins the Gold Lion in Best Cinematography at Cannes Lions for LEICA “100″

  • Producer JUSTIS GREENE books BATES MOTEL (seasons 4 and 5), Universal Television for A&E 

  • Production Designer GARY FRUTKOFF books CHICAGO MED (season 1), created by Dick Wolf, Universal Television for NBC 

  • Editor ANGELA CATANZARO books THE WAY (season 1), executive produced by Jason Katims, Universal Television for Hulu

  • DP BEN NOTT, ACS books INCORPORATED (pilot), directed by David and Alex Pastor and executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Universal Cable Productions for Syfy

  • DP JIMI WHITAKER books THE PATRIOT (pilot), directed by Steven Conrad for Amazon

  • Editor DAVID BERTMAN, A.C.E. books GALAVANT (season 2), executive produced by Dan Fogelman for ABC

  • Producer INMAN YOUNG books MR. NEIGHBOR’S HOUSE (pilot) and UNT. JASON ALEXANDER (pilot) for Adult Swim

  • CHRIS BAFFA, ASC books GAME OF SILENCE (Season 1) for ABC

  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS wins high-honor of Best Cinematography at the 2015 AICP Awards for Dodge “Ahead Of Their Time”, from director Noam Murro and Biscuit Filmworks

  • BRENTAN HARRON books THE FLASH-spinoff LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Season 1) from Warner Bros. TV for the CW

Sleeping With Other People </br> Production Designed by Amy Williams

Sleeping With Other People
Production Designed by Amy Williams

In Theaters September 11th

Ashby</br>Cinematography by Christopher Baffa, ASC

Cinematography by Christopher Baffa, ASC

In Theaters September 25th

Stonewall</br>Produced by Carsten Lorenz

Produced by Carsten Lorenz

In Theaters September 25th

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension</br>Produced by Steven Molen

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Produced by Steven Molen

In Theaters October 23rd

I Saw The Light</br>Produced by Patty Long

I Saw The Light
Produced by Patty Long

In Theaters November 27th

Fathers and Daughters</br>Lensed by Shane Hurlbut

Fathers and Daughters
Lensed by Shane Hurlbut


Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens </br> 2nd Unit Cinematography by Bruce McCleery </br> VFX Cinematography by Steven Hall

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
2nd Unit Cinematography by Bruce McCleery
VFX Cinematography by Steven Hall

In Theaters December 18th

The Revenant </br> Lensed by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC

The Revenant
Lensed by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC

In Theaters December 25th