Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC
Nominated for Best Cinematography
At the 2016 Oscars
For His Work On

Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Crescenzo Notarile, ASC, AIC
Nominated for Best Cinematography
At the 2016 ASC Awards

Directed by Bill Eagles

''Super Bowl Babies Choir'' feat. Seal

Lensed by Adam Beckman
Directed by Chris Wilcha & Lance Accord

Romain Lacourbas, AFC
Nominated for Best Cinematography
At the 2016 ASC Awards

Directed by Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg

SOFI - Giants

Lensed by Max Goldman
Directed by Douglas Avery


Designed by Joaquin Grey
Directed by Antoine Fuqua



  • STEPHEN STORER to design NOTORIOUS pilot at Sony Pictures Television for ABC, written and executive produced by Josh Berman and Allie Hagan

  • DANIËL BOUQUET shoots RIHANNA “Work ft. Drake” with Director X at Hound

  • MIHAI MALAIMARE, JR. to shoot NIKON with Marcelo Burgos at Chromista 

  • DAVID BERTMAN to edit THE SECOND FATTEST HOUSEWIFE IN WESTPORT pilot at ABC Studios, directed by Ruben Fleischer

  • DUSTIN LANE books ABSOLUTELY SCOTTSDALE with Lloyd Lee Choi at Variable

  • ALICE WEST to produce UNT. O’SHANNON PROJECT (pilot), CBS TV Studios for CBS, directed by Todd Holland

  • JASON KISVARDAY designs BEST BUY for Amir Farhang at Caviar

  • TIM MOEN designs SAMSUNG for Randall Einhorn at Radical Media 

  • JAMES PHILPOTT to design FREQUENCY pilot, Warner Bros. Television for the CW, directed by Brad Anderson

  • CHUCK OZEAS to shoot PAYLESS with Michael Chaves at One at Optimus

  • RICHARD TOYON to design BARRY pilot for HBO, directed by and starring Bill Hader

  • LAUREN NIKROOZ desings MAYBELLINE for Santiago & Mauricio at Cadence Films 

  • HENRY LANGE to produce DREAM TEAM (pilot), Warner Bros. Television for ABC, directed by Marc Buckland

  • JIMI WHITAKER shoots PROGRESSIVE with Brendan Gibbons at Station Film 

  • JOE KESSLER to shoot POWERLESS pilot, Warner Bros. Television for NBC, directed by Michael Patrick Jann

  • FRANCK TYMEZUK shoots CAPRICE BIOTENE at Whiskey Films 

  • STEVE GEAGHAN to design SHUT EYE (series), Sony Pictures Television for Hulu, written by Les Bohem and starring Jeffrey Donovan

  • BRANDON TONNER-CONNOLLY designs WRIGLEY for Natalie Rae Robison at Sanctuary 

  • CATHERINE GOLDSCHMIDT to shoot BETTER THINGS (series) for FX, starring Pamela Adlon and executive produced by Louie C.K. 

  • PAUL MAIBAUM, ASC to shoot SQUARE ROOTS (pilot), ABC Studios for ABC, directed by Michael Fresco

  • ALEXANDER DYNAN to shoot MICROSOFT with Petro Papahadjopoulos at Capture

  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS to shoot BEAUTYREST with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks 

  • CLEVE LANDSBERG to shoot TRAINING DAY pilot at Warner Bros. Television and Jerry Bruckheimer Television for CBS, directed by Antoine Fuqua 

  • FRED ANDREWS to design LETHAL WEAPON pilot, Warner Bros. Television for FOX

  • ELI BORN shoots TROYE SIVAN music video with Malia at Rabbit Content

  • RUBY KATILIUS designs LA QUINTA for Phil Morrison at Epoch Films 

  • KITTY DORIS-BATES to design SQUARE ROOTS pilot at ABC, directed by Michael Fresco 

  • BOB HEATH to produce THE KICKER pilot at Universal Television for CBS, executive produced by Tina Fey

  • STEPHEN WINDON, ACS, ASC books FAST 8 for F. Gary Gray at Universal Pictures

  • ANTONIO CALVACHE, ASC, AEC books QUEEN SUGAR (series), Warner Horizon Television for OWN with director Ava Duvernay

  • CHRISTOPHE LANZENBERG to shoot CORPORATE pilot for Comedy Central, directed by Pat Bishop

  • LARKIN SEIPLE shoots CORONA with Hiro Murai at Friend 

  • BJORN CHARPENTIER to shoot REAL MUTUA with Norman Bates at The Family Film

  • BUZZ FEITSHANS to shoot PEARL pilot for ABC Studios, directed by Jim Field Smith

  • LAUREN CONNELLY books THE NIGHT SHIFT at Sony Pictures TV for NBC, created by Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs

  • BOB CHAPPELL to shoot MICROSOFT with Nanette Burstein at Hungryman

  • KARIM HUSSAIN, CSC to shoot HEDLEY music video with Jacob Hoggard & Matt Leaf at The Field

  • TOM MAGILL to shoot DUMB PRINCE at Universal Television and 3 Arts Entertainment for NBC, directed by Amy Poehler

  • SHANE F. KELLY to shoot COACHES FOR CANCER PSA with Richard Bullock at Hungryman

  • JASON HOUGAARD designs CORONA for Vincent Haycock at Park Pictures

  • JIMMY SIMONS to produce SANTA CLARITA DIET (series) for Netflix

  • KELLY MANNERS to produce ZOOBIQUITY (pilot) at 20th Century Fox TV, directed by Dean Parisot

  • NICOLE WHITAKER to shoot SHINE with Zia Mandviwalla at Curious Film

  • CHECCO VARESE, ASC shoots BELSOMRA with Alex Ogus at Company Films

  • CHUCK PARKER to design MAJOR CRIMES at Warner Bros. TV for TNT, created by James Duff

  • RICHARD SHERMAN designs FDA with Carl Rinsch at MJZ

  • ALEX DISENHOF to shoot TEVA with Keith Ehrlich at Raucous Content

  • FRANKLIN PETERSON books MR. ROBOT (season 2) for USA, directed by Sam Esmail 

  • DANA GONZALES shoots and DYLAN KAHN designs HYUNDAI with Paul Goldman at Mod/Op Films

  • BRANDON LOTT books AQUARIUS (season 2) for NBC from creator John McNamara

  • BRUCE ROBERT McCLEERY to shot THE MUMMY (2nd Unit) for Alex Kurtzman at Universal Pictures.

  • PAT SCOLA shoots MANULIFE with Eliot Rausch at Soft Citizen

  • CRAIG WYRICK-SOLARI books POWERLESS (pilot) with director Michael Patrick Jann, NBC for Warner Brothers Television

  • JOE DESALVO shoots CAR SENSE with Larry August at Content


  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots GATORADE with Josh & Xander at Radical Media

  • IAN KEZSBOM books LOVE (season 2) with creator Judd Apatow for Netflix and Legendary

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny</br>Produced by Ralph Winter</br>China Unit – Rick Nathanson

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny
Produced by Ralph Winter
China Unit – Rick Nathanson

Releases February 26th

Gods of Egypt</br>Production Executive – Jon Kuyper</br>2nd Unit Photography by Brad Shield, ACS

Gods of Egypt
Production Executive – Jon Kuyper
2nd Unit Photography by Brad Shield, ACS

In Theaters February 26th

Knight of Cups</br>Shot by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC</br>Camera Operated by Joerg Widmer

Knight of Cups
Shot by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC
Camera Operated by Joerg Widmer

In Theaters March 4th

10 Cloverfield Lane</br>Shot by Jeff Cutter</br>Camera Operated by Cale Finot

10 Cloverfield Lane
Shot by Jeff Cutter
Camera Operated by Cale Finot

In Theaters March 11th

Miracles From Heaven</br>Shot by Checco Varese, ASC

Miracles From Heaven
Shot by Checco Varese, ASC

In Theaters March 18th

I Saw The Light</br>Produced by Patty Long

I Saw The Light
Produced by Patty Long

In Theaters March 25th

Batman v Superman</br>Shot by Larry Fong, ASC

Batman v Superman
Shot by Larry Fong, ASC

In Theaters March 25th

Everybody Wants Some</br>Shot by Shane F. Kelly</br>Designed by Bruce Curtis

Everybody Wants Some
Shot by Shane F. Kelly
Designed by Bruce Curtis

In Theaters April 15th