FARGO original series on FX premieres April 15th! Cinematography by MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC on Ep. 1 & 2, and DANA GONZALES on Ep. 3-10


    with Cinematography by SEAN STIEGEMEIER, directed by Geordie Stephens


    THE GIVER with Cinematography by ROSS EMERY, ACS
    and Produced by RALPH WINTER, in theaters August 15th


    with Cinematography by ROBERT FRAISSE in theaters April 25th.


    DULUX "Change Your Story", Production Design by RICHARD LASSALLE.
    Directed by Christian & Patrick


    CITI - Every Step of the Way - Long Shot directed by Mark Romanek
    with Production Design by PETE ZUMBA


    DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, with Cinematography by
    MICHAEL SERESIN, BSC, directed by Matt Reeves, in theaters July 11th, 2014


    I ORIGINS in theaters July 18th
    Director of Photography MARKUS FORDERER, BVK, directed by Mike Cahill.


    DOS XX "Most Interesting Man" directed by Steve Miller,
    with Cinematography by ERIC SCHMIDT


    on their Academy Awards for Best Cinematography & Best Film Editing on GRAVITY!


    CHRYSLER "America's Import"
    with Cinematography by DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS, directed by Arnaud Uyttenhove


    MICROSOFT Nokia Lumia - Hello Night with Cinematography by ERIC SCHMIDT,
    directed by Noam Murro


    PROJECT ALMANAC with Cinematography by MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC,
    directed by Dean Israelite, coming to theaters.


    SABOTAGE directed by David Ayer,
    Cinematography by BRUCE MCCLEERY, in theaters March 28th.


    ACURA - Made for Mankind "Improve"
    with Production Design by ROB PEARSON, directed by Martin de Thurah

Client and Agency News


WPA Producer Ralph Winter Interview with WELD

Producer RALPH WINTER has a sit down interview with WELD to discuss his life and successful career in the industry.

WELD Interview with Ralph Winter.

Editor Alan Canant joins Worldwide Production Agency!

Worldwide Production Agency welcomes ALAN CANANT to the roster!

WPA Clients at 2014 SXSW Film Festival

We'd like to congratulate all of our clients who have projects at the upcoming SXSW FILM FESTIVAL:

PREDESTINATION, Cinematography by BEN NOTT, ACS Directors: Michael and Peter Spierig

SEQUOIA, Edited by FRANKLIN PETERSON Director: Andy Landen

HOME, Cinematography by BRIDGER NIELSON Director: Nicholas McCarthy

JOEL COMPASS Music Video, Cinematography by PAT SCOLA

PING PONG SUMMER, Cinematography by WYATT GARFIELD Director: Michael Tully

HELLION, Edited by ALAN CANANT Director: Kat Candler

WPA Welcomes Cinematographer Dimitri Karakatsanis!

Director of Photography, DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS, joins the Worldwide Production Agency roster!

Editor Mark Sanger joins Worldwide Production Agency!

Worldwide Production Agency welcomes MARK SANGER, Academy Award nominated Editor of GRAVITY, to the roster!
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  • ROB PEARSON wraps designing HTC for Johnny Green at Reset, and books NISSAN for Peter Thwaites at The Corner Shop
  • BOB CHAPPELL and RICHARD LASSALLE wrap YOUTUBE with Kristopher Belman
  • JUSTIS GREENE produces THE RETURNED pilot for A&E
  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS shoots WARCRAFT with Duncan Jones at Universal Pictures
  • DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS shoots MLB with Eric Appel at Furlined
  • BRAD SHIELD, ACS shoots 2nd unit on GODS OF EGYPT for Alex Proyas, Thunder Road, and Summit Entertainment
  • LARRY FONG, ASC shoots BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN for Zack Snyder at Warner Bros.
  • DYLAN KAHN designs SUBARU for Markus Walter at Reset
  • PASCAL LEBEGUE, AFC wraps SPECIAL K with Yael Staav at Furlined, and shoots NEUTROGENA with Jim Sonzero at Sonzero Films
  • SHANE HURLBUT, ACS shoots FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS for Gabriele Muccino and Voltage Pictures
  • STEVE MOSES books PAPA MURPHY’S at Nonfiction Unlimited
  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots SYNOVUS with Brent Harris at Skunk
  • ROSS EMERY, ACS shoots WOMAN IN GOLD for Simon Curtis and The Weinstein Co.
  • MARKUS FÖRDERER, BVK shoots STONEWALL for Roland Emmerich and Centropolis Entertainment
  • PAGE BUCKNER designs NISSAN for Brent Jones at Humble
  • ERIC SCHMIDT shoots AT&T with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks
  • GLYNN SPEECKAERT, SBC wraps BAVARIA BEER with Jonathan Herman at Directors Film Company
  • FRANKLIN PETERSON starts editing THE SHANGRI-LA SUITE for Eddie O’Keefe and Anonymous Content
  • JOAQUIN GREY designs and JEFF CUTTER shoots THE VISITORS pilot for Mark Romanek and ABC Studios
  • HERVE GALLET designs L’OREAL and OLAY for Laurent Chanez at Identity
  • STEPHEN WINDON, ACS shoots FAST & FURIOUS 7 for James Wan and Universal Pictures
  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO shoots BUTTERBALL with Whitey McConnaughy at Humble
  • DANA GONZALES shoots the series episodes of FARGO for Adam Bernstein, MGM and FX
  • JOAQUIN GREY wraps MILLER HIGH LIFE for Mark Romanek at Anonymous Content
  • PETE ZUMBA designs and JEFFREY KIM shoots METLIFE for Sam Stephens at Humble
  • JONATHAN BROWN, ASC shoots the MADAM SECRETARY pilot for David Semel and NBC
  • CHRIS BAFFA, ASC wraps on CROSSBONES for David Slade and NBC
  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC wraps TELE 2 with Tomas Skoging at Acne Production
  • JONATHAN SELA shoots MLB with The Malloys at HSI Productions
  • DECLAN QUINN, ASC shoots PAPA JOHN’S with Christopher Bean at MacGuffin Films
  • ERIKA HAMPSON produces TUMBLEDOWN for Sean Mewshaw and Bron Studios
  • BRUCE McCLEERY shoots 2nd unit on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII for J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm
  • MARK BENSON designs PIER 1 IMPORTS for Brendan Hearne at @radical.media
  • ANTONIO CALVACHE, ASC, AEC wraps on ZIPPER for Mora Stephens and Cargo Entertainment
  • CHUCK OZEAS shoots PIZZA HUT with Daniel Strange at Über Content
  • CHRISTOPHE LANZENBERG shoots FOOD LION with Richard Farmer at Green Dot Films
  • WYATT GARFIELD wraps on LILA & EVE for Charles Stone III and A+E Studios
  • RICHARD LASSALLE designs IKEA for Keith Schofield at Caviar
  • MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC shoots BIG LOTS with Matt Piedmont at Prettybird
  • ROSS EMERY, ACS wraps on THE GIVER for Phillip Noyce and The Weinstein Co.
  • BEN NOTT, ACS wraps on SKIN TRADE for Ekachai Uekrongtham and Paradox Entertainment
  • MICHAEL FOTTRELL produces FAST & FURIOUS 7 for James Wan and Universal Pictures
  • MICHAEL KRANTZ designs NEUTROGENA for Jaci Judelson at HSI Productions
  • MAKO KAMITSUNA edits YOUR RIGHT MIND for Ami Canaan Mann and Highland Film Group
  • LESTER COHEN designs the series THE BLACK BOX for Simon Curtis, Bryan Singer and ABC
  • MAXWELL ORGELL designs GOOGLE for Austin Peters at US Production Services
  • ROB WITT wraps SKII with Chris Sweeney at Good Egg
  • RHET BEAR wraps on MELTDOWN for Comedy Central

Upcoming Releases


ALPHA HOUSE directed by Adam Bernstein now available on AMAZON with cinematography by MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC

SABOTAGE directed by David Ayer with cinematography by BRUCE McCLEERY… now in theaters!

FARGO with episodes directed by Adam Bernstein and Scott Winant releasing on FX on April 15, 2014 with cinematography by MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC and DANA GONZALES

KID CANNABIS directed by John Stockwell in theaters April 18, 2014 with cinematography by PETER HOLLAND, ACS

FADING GIGOLO directed by John Turturro in theaters April 18, 2014 with production design by LESTER COHEN

LAST PASSENGER directed by Omid Nooshin in theaters April 25, 2014 with cinematography by ANGUS HUDSON

THE OTHER WOMAN directed by Nick Cassavetes in theaters April 25, 2014 with cinematography by ROBERT FRAISSE

WALK OF SHAME directed by Steven Brill in theaters April 25, 2014 with cinematography by JONATHAN BROWN, ASC

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 directed by Marc Webb in theaters May 2, 2014 with 2nd unit cinematography by BRUCE McCLEERY

GOD’S POCKET directed by John Slattery and produced by ERIKA HAMPSON in theaters May 9, 2014

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES directed by Matt Reeves in theaters July 11, 2014 with cinematography by MICHAEL SERESIN, BSC

I, ORIGINS directed by Mike Cahill in theaters July 18, 2014 with cinematography by MARKUS FORDERER, BVK

MOOD INDIGO directed by Michel Gondry in theaters July 18, 2014 with cinematography by CHRISTOPHE BEAUCARNE, AFC, SBC

HERCULES directed by Brett Ratner and produced by ROSS FANGER in theaters July 25, 2014

THE GIVER directed by Phillip Noyce in theaters August 15, 2014 with cinematography by ROSS EMERY, ACS

SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and produced by MARTY EWING in theaters August 22, 2014