Congratulations Rob Witt
Best Cinematography Nomination
UK MVAs and 2015 Camerimage Festival
Kendrick Lamar's ''Alright''

New Trailer for THE REVENANT

Lensed by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC

Premieres October 7th

Cinematography by Michael Goi, ASC
Production Design by Mark Worthington

Congratulations Matt Lloyd, CSC
Best Cinematography Nomination
2015 Camerimage Festival
Pharrell Williams ''Freedom''

First trailer for Jason Zada’s

Cinematography by Mattias Troelstrup, DFF

76ers ''Since 1776''

Shot by Larkin Seiple
Directed by Twin

AUDI ''Following Trends''

Production design by Ginger Tougas
Directed by The Guard Brothers



  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO shoots TRACFONE with Tom Routson at Tool of North America, and books REALTOR.COM with Mike Maguire at Filmgroup

  • DP LARRY REIBMAN books FAMOUS IN LOVE (pilot) for ABC Family

  • JEFFREY KIM shoots SHOWTIME “BILLIONS” Promo with Greg Harrison at CMP Film & Design

  • ERIC SCHMIDT shoots PETSMART with Andrew Walton at Identity, and books NETFLIX with Clay Weiner at Biscuit Filmworks


  • ROB PEARSON designs COMCAST for Stylewar at Smuggler

  • JOAQUIN GREY designs LAUGHING COW for Christian Bevilacqua at Anonymous Content

  • DP ERIC STEELBERG, ASC books CRASHING (pilot) for HBO, directed by Judd Apatow

  • ELI BORN shoots KCET/PBS Project with Martine Syms at Ways & Means and books Jos A. Bank with Samy Mosher

  • JEFF CUTTER to shoot REI with Benji Weinstein at Tool of North America

  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC shoots AT&T with Hank Perlman at Hungryman

  • MAX ORGELL designs HAUTELOOK for Bridget Palardy at Missing Pieces

  • ZAK MULLIGAN shoots BOSCH with Peter Sluszka at Hornet Inc.

  • JASON KISVARDAY designs MOTOROLA for Greg Brunkalla at Skunk

  • LARKIN SEIPLE books HAVANA with Dexter Navy at Partizan UK

  • Production Designer DAN NOVOTNY books GAME OF SILENCE (season 1), Sony Pictures Television for NBC

  • DAVID PROCTER books INFINITI at Plus Productions

  • BJORN CHARPENTIER books 5 GUM with Norman Bates at Stink

  • JOE DESALVO shoots NY LIFE with Bruce Van Dusen at Assembly Films

  • Producer STEVEN YELL books BAD COUPLE (pilot) for Comedy Central

  • ALEXANDER DYNAN books DOG EAT DOG for Paul Schrader at Pure Dopamine

  • Production Designer STEVE GEAGHAN books LUCIFER, Warner Bros. TV for FOX

  • ZAK MULLIGAN books DOVE UNILEVER with Dael Oates at Frenzy Paris

  • Production Designer LESTER COHEN books BROOKLYN ANIMAL CONTROL (pilot), Universal Cable Productions for USA

  • FRANKLIN PETERSON books BIG BEAR for Joey Kern at Fortress Features

  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC books TISSOT with Jonathan Klein at O-Positive

  • ADAM RICHARDS shoots FRUITS MAGAZINE with Omri Cohen at Downtown Reel

  • Editor CHRIS CIBELLI books SUITS for USA

  • Producer PATTY LONG books TRUE FICTION (pilot) with director by Brian Dannelly, Universal Cable Productions for Bravo

  • ALEX DISENHOF books WHAT JOSIAH SAW for Vince Grashaw at Nomadic Independence Pictures

  • SEAN STIEGEMEIER shoots HONEST CO. with Justin Coit at Currant Films

  • RUBY KATILIUS designs STRAIGHT TALK WIRELESS for Phil Morrison at Epoch Films

  • JOE DESALVO to shoot DC LOTTERY with Stan Schofield at WeaselWorks

  • BRIAN BRANSTETTER designs KOHL’S for Aaron Ruell at Biscuit Filmworks

  • KATHRIN EDER designs ANDROID for Rami Hachache at Prettybird

  • DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS shoots NBA with The Malloys at Superprime, and books VISIONS OF JOHANNA music video with John Hillcoat at Stink US

  • PAT SCOLA books SHIPWRECK ON A HILLSIDE for Magdelena Zyzak & Zachary Colter

  • MATTHEW J. LLOYD, CSC shoots DR. DRE “Talking To My Diary” Short with Paul Hunter at Prettybird

  • BRANDON TONNER-CONNOLLY books CRUISE for Rob Siegel at The Combine

  • SHANE HURLBUT, ASC shoots PAPA JOHN’S/GHOSTBUSTERS with Greg Popp at Supply & Demand

  • TIM MOEN designs COMCAST for Aaron Stoller at Biscuit Filmworks

  • PETE ZUMBA designs NIKE for Tricia Brock at RSA Films

  • JONATHAN SELA books THE COLDEST CITY for David Leitch at Focus Features

  • LARKIN SEIPLE shoots LEAGUE OF LEGENDS with M Blash at The Directors Bureau

  • RICHARD TOYON wins the Emmy for Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Program for his work on Silicon Valley
  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots HUGO BOSS with Darren Aronofsky at Chromista
  • ERIC STEELBERG, ASC shoots SPRINT with Traktor
  • Editor ANDREW COHEN, A.C.E. books THE LAST SHIP (season 3) for TNT
  • JOE DESALVO shoots MCDONALDS with Neil Tardio at Mrs. Bond and MERCEDES for Andrew Laurich at Contagious
  • SEAN STIEGEMEIER shoots GOOGLE FIBER with Johan Perjus at B-Reel
  • JAMES WHITAKER shoots CHOBANI with Laurence Dunmore at RSA Films
  • ERIC SCHMIDT shoots LETGO with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks
  • PETE ZUMBA designs NESTLE TOLL HOUSE for Tore Frandsen at The Sweet Shop
  • LARKIN SEIPLE shoots UFC with Neil Huxley at Mothership
  • BJÖRN CHARPENTIER books COCA-COLA with Jones + Tino at Stink
  • PAT SCOLA books REFLECTIF 2015 with Philippe Templeman at Indio
  • RUSSELL CARPENTER, ASC shoots GAMESTOP with Danny Leiner at Independent Media
  • MAX GOLDMAN shoots AMEX UNSTAGED with Scarlett Johannson at Radical Media
  • FRANCK TYMEZUK books PANTENE with Sara Marandi at Believe Media
  • JEFF CUTTER shoots LOWE’S with Benji Weinstein at Tool of North America
  • Congratulations to editor DAVID BERTMAN on officially joining A.C.E!
  • Editor HUNTER VIA, A.C.E. books CHIRAQ (pilot), directed by Clark Johnson, Fox21 TV Studios for Showtime
  • ALEXANDER DYNAN shoots PORSCHE/ADIDAS with Beau Grealy at Lloyd & Co.
  • Production designer SHARON BUSSE books THE GRINDER, starring Rob Lowe, 20th Century Fox TV for FOX
  • JASON HOUGAARD designs HP for Vincent Haycock at Park Pictures
  • GLYNN SPEECKAERT, SBC shoots TWC with David Gray at Station Film
  • LARKIN SEIPLE wins Best Cinematography at 2015 MTV VMAs for Flying Lotus “Never Catch Me”
  • CURTIS WEHR books TRIAL (series) for Amazon Studios, executive produced by David E. Kelley
  • OTTAR GUDNASON, IKS wraps shooting HBO “Game of Thrones” promo with Runar Ingi at Caviar
  • ROB PEARSON designs QANTAS for Mark Molloy at Smuggler
  • ROB WITT and MICHAEL KRANTZ wrap HONDA with Jaci Judelson at Tool of North America
  • ROBERT WEST books OVERANALYZERS (pilot) for Comedy Central
  • NICOLE HIRSCH-WHITAKER to shoot PECO with Mike Bigelow at Gartner
  • ALEX DELGADO designs FOX SPORTS for Brian Lee Hughes at Skunk
  • SEAN STIEGEMEIER wraps COME & FIND ME and books DISNEY with Rudi Schwab at Humble
  • ADAM BECKMAN shoots GATORADE with Bryan Buckley at Hungryman
  • ROSS EMERY, ACS shoots PSA with MATT DILMORE at Biscuit Filmworks, and books LAYS with BRUCE HUNT at Anorak Film
  • DIMITRI KARAKATSANIS books GOOGLE with Christopher Riggert at Biscuit Filmworks
  • RICHARD LASSALLE designs MINI COOPER with JOACHIM BACK at Anonymous Content
  • ZAK MULLIGAN shoots SAMSUNG with Asif Mian and Andrew Sloat at 1stAveMachine
  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO to shoot NISSAN with Juergen Bollmeyer at Front Porch Productions
  • ERIC SCHMIDT shoots ESPN with AARON STOLLER, and books CHIPOTLE with Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks
  • LARKIN SEIPLE wraps SWISS ARMY MAN with Daniels and books SCRIPPS w. Dugan O’Neal and Anti-Smoking PSA with Javier Aguilera
  • Editor IAN KEZSBOM books FLAKED (Season 1), executive produced and starring Will Arnett for Netflix
  • MATTHEW LLOYD, CSC books INSECURE at HBO with Melina Matsoukas
  • HISHAM ABED shoots GMC with Billy Rainey at Prettybird
  • MATTIAS TROELSTRUP, DFF shoots MASTERCARD with Jared Hess at Community Films
  • ROB WITT shoots HONDA with Jaci Judelson at Tool of North America
  • RUSSELL CARPENTER, ASC to shoot SQUARE with Errol Morris at Moxie Pictures
  • IGOR JADUE-LILLO shoots BUD LIGHT with Kenny Herzog at O-Positive
  • NICOLE HIRSCH WHITAKER books LG at Piuma Motion
  • JONATHAN SELA shoots A$AP ROCKY-DIOR with Dexter Navy and APPLE BEATS with Nabil
  • DP JOE KESSLER books WRECKED (Season 1) for TBS
  • Producer CHRIS PLOURDE books DICE (Season 1), Fox for Showtime
  • DP COLIN WATKINSON books EMERALD CITY (Season 1), Universal Television for NBC
  • SIMON DUGGAN, ACS books HACKSAW RIDGE for Mel Gibson at Lionsgate
  • Editor ANGELA CATANZARO books PARADISE PICTURES (pilot), Universal Cable Productions for USA
  • ALEX DISENHOF books NIKE with AG ROJAS at Park Pictures
  • DP PAULA HUIDOBRO books WILDE WEDDING for Damian Harris
  • DP JOHN LINDLEY, ASC books BASTARDS for Larry Sher at Alcon Entertainment
  • Production designer Kitty Doris-Bates, DP Christopher Faloona, and Producer Kelly Manners confirmed for season two of POWERS for PlayStation!
  • DP ANTONIO RIESTRA, AMC, ACK books UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION for Anna Foerster at Lakeshore Entertainment
  • DP LARRY FONG, ASC books KONG: SKULL ISLAND for Jordan Vogt-Roberts at Legendary Pictures
  • DP MATTHEW LLOYD wraps The Seagull and books John Hancock with Jeff Preiss at Epoch
  • Editor ANDREW COHEN, ACE books the series finale of CSI for CBS
American Horror Story: Hotel</br>Cinematography by Michael Goi, ASC</br>Production Design by Mark Worthington

American Horror Story: Hotel
Cinematography by Michael Goi, ASC
Production Design by Mark Worthington

Premieres October 7th

The Originals</br>Production Design by Bill Eigenbrodt

The Originals
Production Design by Bill Eigenbrodt

New Season October 8th

I Smile Back</br>Production Design by Brandon Tonner-Connolly

I Smile Back
Production Design by Brandon Tonner-Connolly

In Theaters October 23rd

Burnt</br>2nd Unit Cinematography by Ross Emery, ACS</br>Additional Photography by Michael Wood

2nd Unit Cinematography by Ross Emery, ACS
Additional Photography by Michael Wood

In Theaters October 23rd

Fathers and Daughters</br>Lensed by Shane Hurlbut

Fathers and Daughters
Lensed by Shane Hurlbut


Star Wars: The Force Awakens</br>2nd Unit Cinematography by Bruce McCleery, ASC

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2nd Unit Cinematography by Bruce McCleery, ASC

In Theaters December 18th

The Revenant </br> Lensed by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC

The Revenant
Lensed by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC

In Theaters December 25th

The Forest</br>Shot by Mattias Troelstrup, DFF

The Forest
Shot by Mattias Troelstrup, DFF

In Theaters January 8th