Nominated Episode: “Giant”

Format: Redcode 8K Raw
Camera: Panavision Millenium DXL 2
Lens: G series anamorphic primes

Jas Shelton: Our camera package was guided by Season 1, but that was not the only reason for continuity with the Millennium DXL2.

We wanted to visually underscore the instability of Jackie as she goes on her literal journey of self discovery. The large sensor and shallow depth of field allowed us to photograph Jackie in a very subjective way…. Pulling the audience in with wider lenses very close to Jackie and with strong focus fall off.

In support of Jackie’s paranoia, The G series anamorphic aesthetic was heavily embellished, yielding a much stronger curvature of the field and additional obliqueness in the bokeh. Also, the contrast was lowered, the sharpness reduced, and the gradation of focus from sharp to soft enhanced.

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