[Director Jamie Neale]: The process of developing and generating ideas requires time and moments of daydreaming, allowing oneself to observe and reflect upon life and personal experiences. Traveling, in particular, holds great value for me as it introduces me to diverse individuals who become a wellspring of inspiration for my writing, directing, and creative endeavors. Our own life experiences play a pivotal role in our ability to effectively communicate the trials, triumphs, failures, and existential questions that shape our existence. I try to witness everything with a lighter tone, as they say, whoever they are, what is life without laughter?

Engaging with a wide array of people and seeking their viewpoints is immensely important. It is through these conversations that I gain insights into contrasting perspectives and ways of life. Understanding and relating to individuals who live vastly different lives from my own helps me tell authentic and distinctive stories. The richness of these encounters allows me to craft narratives that resonate with truth and authenticity.

In my writing process, I create something and then take a step back, allowing my subconscious to work on it. When I revisit it later, I can make necessary fixes or adjustments based on a fresh perspective or any changes in my own outlook.

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