“[Cinematographer Matthew J. Lloyd, CSC, ASC]’s work caught the attention of director Oliver Stone, who personally asked the cinematographer to serve as second-unit director of photographer on the stylish crime drama Savages, photographed by Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC, SASC. Of working with Mindel, Lloyd insists he owes the cinematographer “a great debt for exposing me to the intricacies of Hollywood filmmaking.”

Since then, Lloyd has photographed a number of television shows and features. For his work on Alpha House, the cinematographer earned an ASC Award nomination; for the pilot of Fargo, he earned Emmy and Camerimage nominations; and for his work on Daredevil, he earned another Camerimage nomination.

He also shot pilots for Doubt and Insecure, as well as the miniseries The Defenders (AC Podcast episode here) and Season 1 of Most Dangerous Game. His feature work includes The Better Angels, Cop Car, The Seagull, Power Rangers, The Kid, The Water Man and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

“I am solely focused on creating imagery that is immersed in the story, captures the director’s vision and engrosses the audience,” says Lloyd. “I am a proud of this work we do and am honored to have learned from and worked alongside some of the finest members of our industry.”

Lloyd’s upcoming credits include the pilot for HBO’s DMZ, directed by Ava DuVernay.”

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