[Production Designer Brandon Mendez]: “Eva later introduced Cabot and I, and invited us to the Mexico, to design meet up in Albuquerque, New Flamin’ Hot production together. Soon, Eva, Cabot, cinematographer Federico Cantini and I became a creative hydra tackling every challenge together. story, We spent day and night discussing the presenting collaborating, generating ideas and them keyword we to one another. Our aim and a used throughout production was something Eva Longoria preached, authenticity. From Richard’s world to our corporate environments to the bustling business needed to feel of the factory, it depicted through natural and relatable, which we the Montanez family’s storyline. Aside from being Hot’s design needed authentic, we knew Flamin’ goal was Our would fall short. vibrancy or else it to achieve this through keen attention to details settings. specific to recreating each era and its There was an emphasis to highlight the importance of having diverse voices while shedding light on the community’s struggles and triumphs.”

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