Awards Daily: I have a question around approaching a Marvel Cinematic Universe project. As a cinematographer, is there a visual language that you already can plug into? Or were you designing your own look and feel for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

[cinematographer PJ Dillon, ASC, ISC]: Well, it’s a little bit of both really. For Falcon and the Winter Soldier, because it follows on from The Avengers movies and the Captain America stuff, there is a visual language and a look that has been established. It was also a project unique in itself. What you try to do is you try to lean into aspects of what’s gone before, but also bring your own unique creative take on on the material and try and make it original in that way. Most of the films that came before were shot in anamorphic widescreen. So we decided that, even though this was a TV show, we would continue with that, so we chose to shoot widescreen anamorphic. We wanted to bring that big screen experience, but Kari (Skogland) and I wanted to bring our own visual input as well.

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