‘Filmed in autumn 2020, prep took place in the middle of the pandemic and under the uncertainty of lockdown schedules, allowing cinematographer Jamie D. Ramsay SASC and Husson plenty of time to get to know one another and develop their ideas. “One of the pros of shooting over COVID was that we had loads of pressure free prep time that was done over Zoom. Eva and I spent hours each day getting to know each other, and we developed a personal relationship before we broached the heart of Mothering Sunday.” This unique opportunity led to an effortless creative harmony between director and DP, “Once we got to talking about the film we seemed to be in sync and prep was a very fluid and warm process. Once Eva has you in sync, she leaves you to develop the vision and gives a lot of trust over to her HODs which allows her to focus on the wonderful performances she’s able to get.” 

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