Director of Photography Mihai Malaimare Jr.: “That’s something that I remember we spoke about, I think a few years back, when I was shooting Youth Without Youth. I think [that] was the first time I saw a lot of color footage from World War II. I told Taika about that, and looking at the sketches from the art department, and the samples from the costume department, they all had really bright colors. We all realized that that would be a really interesting approach, because when we think of period movies—but especially World War II movies—they tend to be more desaturated, or more somber. We all felt that that was not only true to reality, but also appropriate for the beginning of the movie, just to see the world through Jojo’s eyes. But also, we all knew that that would allow us, as time passes in the story, to shift the tone and go more towards a colder palette. So, that was one common factor that I think was great and worked really well.”

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