[Editor Daysha Broadway]: “Editing is a great mix of technology and creativity. When I was a kid, I loved Robert Zemeckis’ “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” – the blend of animation with live action characters and the technology he used in the “Back to the Future” films fascinated me; that drove me into the lane of editing.”

Broadway: “In “Lowkey Losin’ It,” Issa was frantically calling around to replace the headliner and was told the person she was looking for had been shot. Issa’s response: “Oooh phone got shot too?” – that’s the best line! So when I was choosing takes, I knew that had to get in! When she scrolled through her phone for contacts, I wanted it to feel frantic to maintain the pacing, but you also have to be able to read the screen. The cinematography of that sequence was terrific – the way she felt on the phone was isolating and frantic.”

[Editor Aric Lewis]: “When I’m the assistant, I prep the dailies for [editor] Mark [Sadler] to cut, making sure he’s aware of anything different in a take. Once he’s done, I do the temp sound while he scores the music. When I’m editing a sequence, I look at the dailies differently – now I’m looking more for performance, where the turn is going to be and subtext. When I’m cutting, it’s about story, story, story.”

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