How many episodes did you shoot and can you describe the look of the show?
[Series DP Robert Arnold]: “I shot episodes 3, 4, 7 and 10, which is the finale. I also operated on the pilot, before I was awarded the alternating DP position, so I had a good idea of what the look was going to be before I began shooting. Since I was there at the inception, it wasn’t too hard to maintain the look.

During the pilot, the two major references were the George Clooney legal thriller Michael Clayton and Licorice Pizza, and I was fortunate enough to have Licorice Pizza gaffer Justin Dixon as my gaffer. We’ve worked together on various projects in the past, and on this one we went for a very artistic, cinematic look centered on an almost architectural composition in some ways — though things shifted when we were on location.

The goal wasn’t to have a ton of key-stoning and buildings. We also wanted to stress the contrasts levels without making them too heavily rooted in our references so we could make the overall look our own.”

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