“I had retired from vampire editing, so this wasn’t on my radar,” [series editor Nate Easterling] admits. “I know these shows are huge, because I’ve done them before…And I knew that was Julie’s favorite book, too.”
While one might think that vampire shows would be driven by ‘blood and guts,’ Easterling says his experience taught him that they’re more about ‘heart and emotion.’ 
“If you’re not just devastated and crying every episode over some character’s turmoil, you’re doing it wrong,” he explains.
“It was a massive workload and undertaking, because it’s such a huge universe,” [series editor Jaren Lopez] explains. “I think you’re seeing that a lot with the new fantasy shows that are coming out — the depth of the story in the universe, the different languages that they use and all this stuff. They really had to figure a lot of that out.”
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