“Primetime Emmy and ACE (American Cinema Editors) nominee, CATE HAIGHT, ACE, film and television editor, has been involved with some of the industry’s most memorable pieces of art. From Amazon Studios’ award-winning series Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle to Fox’s series New Girl, Haight makes the director’s vision come to life.”

“With experience,” she comments, “you learn to start to trust your instincts more and to take more risks. When I first started out I would follow the rules. A lot of times, directors will shoot many different angles. When I first started cutting, I remember thinking, ‘well, they shot it. They want it in the scene.’ So, I would find some way to work in every angle that they shot into the scene. Now, if it’s something I don’t think I need, I don’t use it. I really started trusting my own instincts.”

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