“I almost had a full panic attack when I started to read the union protocols,” said Emmy-nominated “Grace and Frankie” costume designer Allyson B. Fanger, who is prepping to restart shooting the Netflix comedy on Oct. 1. “I’m going to have to ask for an additional PA [production assistant] to help with shipping, and another trailer, because of protocols of keeping everything separated. Anything anyone touches needs to be sanitized.”

“To help ease the process during the pandemic, she enlisted Michigan-based DittoForm, a company that makes durable foam dress forms based on 3-D body scans, and had exact replicas made of the show’s stars: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, June Diane Raphael and Brooklyn Decker.”

“It’s not a 100 percent solution, and it’s not going to be the decision-maker, but it will cut time filtering out looks that won’t work,” Fanger said. “I can fit the clothes to the forms, and they can try things on in their personal space,” she said, explaining that standard dress forms have long been frustrating for designers trying to fit real people.”

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