“In just about every episode of THE UNDOING, you’ll see a townhouse that the Fraser family—played by Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and Noah Jupe—calls home. In both this series and in real life, this building is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It was on the market at the time of filming and has since taken a price cut of $1.5 million, bringing its asking price to $30 million. Production designer LESTER COHEN tells House Beautiful, “This worked quite well for us as we were able to paint, wallpaper, and decorate freely without the constraints that occupied residences often present.” To make the townhouse feel more rustic and cozy, faux wooden beams and a faux brick wall were added to the interiors, and paint colors like warm reds, oranges, and mauves were used. And if you’re lusting after the scenic wallpaper in the master bedroom (pictured), it was hand-painted by Gracie Studio, and Cohen says he came across it in a design magazine while prepping for his role as production designer. As for the bed itself, that was designed by Mark De La Vega at DLV designs. Overall, the interior design of the Frasers’ home was meant to evoke an approachable family-style residence, in contrast to the more formal penthouse that belongs to Grace Fraser’s father, played by Donald Sutherland.”

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