Written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (known as The Daniels), the story centers on a glammed down Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, a frazzled laundromat owner preparing for an IRS audit. Meanwhile, she is struggling with an unhappy husband (Ke Huy Quan), her critical father (James Hong) and an openly lesbian daughter (Stephanie Hsu). She is literally upended when another version of her husband pops up claiming to be from another universe. Evelyn ends up jumping through the multiverse and picking up skills possessed by her otherworldly counterparts.

The story is a wild laundry list of action, sci-fi, comedy and family drama that includes people with hot dogs for fingers and a giant everything bagel [with cinematography by director of photography Larkin Seiple and 2nd Unit Director Kanamé Onoyama]. The first word that came to Yeoh’s mind after reading the script was “insane.”

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