“[Cinematographer Matthew J. Lloyd, CSC, ASC] captured The Water Man in ProRes at 2K with ALEXA Minis, “except for the VFX sequences,” he notes, “which were shot RAW. You would think shooting in the forest would be great, with this beautiful diffuse light and color palette. But it’s very challenging to create dimension, to know where you are, visually speaking, at any given time. The trees create these endless, flat lines, and spherical lenses can highlight that lack of depth. That’s why we used Cooke Anamorphic /i Prime lenses, which helped with the depth and dimensionality when our characters are in the woods. The Cookes came out of Koerner Camera in Portland, which has a lens summit every year, and I was able to attend prior to filming. Koerner’s a special rental house – everything feels carefully curated.”

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