Filmmaker: What were your artistic goals on this film, and how did you realize them? How did you want your cinematography to enhance the film’s storytelling and treatment of its characters?

(Cinematographer Mia Cioffi Henry): For me personally, I was excited to get back into a world we had established as students from newfound perspectives. In that time I shot numerous shorts, music videos, commercials and features, got married, had a kid, moved to Europe and back. I was such a different person in many ways when we picked up this story again, and because of the way the film reenters years later, so were these characters — they lead lives, had gotten themselves into tough situations and now we meet them as they realize how to get out of them. The film is a second coming-of-age story for these sisters, and Erin and Ale did such a great job of writing about this time for women. I identify so strongly with their situations, especially Vivian, so it was just about how to connect with them through the camera and show their inner lives to the audience. Of course this film is also so rich with color and texture, so it was about taking the viewer on a stylized journey, finding beauty in the thriller tone and letting ourselves experience something a bit more than the ordinary.

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