[Cinematographer Jasper Spanning] “My father died two months ago so it has been a good place to reflect on that, a place he loved and spent so much time in. I have been working on a film about him for the last two years, so I brought a camera to try and capture the ambience of that place and the way he always talked about it. It became kind of a way to be with him.

He felt very present everywhere I went. A document of all his favourite spots: the bench he built on the beach, the view from the road over the fields that he called the most beautiful view in the world, the lake in the forest. It became a meditative and creative way for me to face my sorrow. 

I am used to working very fast and with a lot of people and a lot of equipment. This process really reminded me of a simple essence that I love about film and photography, using a camera to talk about emotions that are too complex to put into words.

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