“Outer Range conjures a feeling of boundlessness—even beyond said void. Under music supervisor Gabe Hilfer (The Underground Railroad, Don’t Look Up), suspenseful tones and twangs make for a surreally thrilling mix; the cinematography, first captured in the pilot by director Alonso Ruizpalacios (Narcos: Mexico) and D.P. Adam Newport-Berra (Euphoria), evokes astounding grandeur [with help from production designer David Batchelor Wilson]. The scripts patiently juggle mysteries, untangling new ones by the hour as they all slowly weave together. There’s nothing quite like it. “I grew up in the West, where the show is set, and it’s really a place where the unknown is everywhere you look,” says Watkins, who was raised in Colorado. “You can walk up to the edge of a forest and stare into the trees and feel you’re at the threshold of another dimension.”

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