AWARD DAILY: When you direct reality television, do you approach it the same way with scripted work? Is there a base of things you do for both and it just varies from project to project?

[Director Hisham Abed]: “Well, that’s a good question. The one thing that’s common for me is that I have a background in cinematography, so I look for cinematic moments. Aesthetics are always important to me, but I have to balance that with the authenticity of the material. That’s always a true line whether it’s scripted or reality. Once I can connect those things and find the balance, they each have their own methods. With scripted, the aesthetics are less forgiving because there’s a template you have to follow. With reality and documentary, it’s less forgiving that way, but what I try to bring to it is that experience I’ve had doing scripted work. Bringing that cinematic eye to the material. And I think it matters. Some reality shows are shot without a great care for the aesthetics because they do impact the visuals and the emotional response.”

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