“It had been 10-years shooting as much as I could and building my show reel,” [cinematographer Zoë White, ACS] explains about having the opportunity to join HANDMAID’S TALE. “It was two years ago that I got the call from my agent, Louiza Vick, who I had for about a year and they had gotten a call from the cinematographer on HANDMAID’S TALE because they were looking for a second DP [director of photography] to join them on the on the second season. Apparently, Colin Watkinson when he saw my reel, he connected with it and felt like I was the right person to come and join him on the show…All of a sudden, I was shooting something that you could talk to your mother’s friends about and they know what you were talking about. It’s interesting that it was a sudden shift and feeling like it was going to be easier to be recognized for the work that I was doing, rather than having to win the attention of an audience…The phone call really did come out of nowhere for me, but in a sense I think it came from all those years of building a show reel. When you build a show reel you’re trying to put into it all of the kinds of shots that have your voice in them, but then also telling the world what kind of cinematographer you are, what you’re capable of and what your style is.”

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